If you live anywhere other than California, it's incredibly easy to find great tomatoes in the summertime. Any decent grocery store will sell little bags of fresh cut basil, as well as domestic parmesan cheese. This dish is usually made with buffalo milk Mozzarella, but Parmesan is easier to find, and personally, I like it better. The trick is to slice the inherently hard cheese thin enough so that it will be able to soak up the liquids from the tomatoes and oil.



* 1 Large Tomato
* Fresh Parmesan Cheese (thinly sliced)
* Leaves of Fresh Basil
* Olive Oil (extra-virgin is best for this)
* Salt and Pepper

Just slice the tomatoes, then slice the Parmesan cheese, and lay it over the tomatoes. Wash the basil and lay the leaves over the cheese, then trickle with olive oil, and dust with salt and pepper. Easy, Easy, Easy.

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